Cloud based point of sale with the right tools for your Restaurant business

Save your money and grow your business with Fetail, it's built for modern times.

Fetail POS is designed with simple to use tools, so you can focus on your business.

These tools include:

  • Payment Processing

  • Contactless Payment

  • Wireless Hardware

  • Online Ordering

  • Dine-In Ordering

  • Takeout Ordering

  • Advanced QR Code System

  • SMS Messaging

  • Membership Marketing

  • Cloud Based POS for iPad

  • Detailed Reporting

  • User Permissions

Contactless Solutions:

  • 01

    Fetail allows customers to order and pay with no contact. We use an advanced QrCode based system that allows customers to order from a code on the table. This system will reduce the chance of mistakes and will make the waiter's job easier, as well as increase the speed at which orders arrive. All someone needs to order their meal would be a simple scan.

  • 02

    Fetail employs a SMS system that pings the customer whenever there is an update on their order. Our system eliminates the unnecessary hassle of finding a customer and needing to call them, so the chefs and workers can spend more time cooking. At a press of a button, the customer is notified if their order is completed, ready for pick-up, or refund.

  • 03

    Fetail has contactless in-store payment as well as online payment options. Apple pay or tap cards can be used in stores, and there are multiple digital payment solutions such as paying by card info.

  • Fetail's digital menu makes it easy to customize and add items that will automatically show in your online store. We include dual menus, universal options, option limits, and more tools for an accurate and concise order.

  • When you use Fetail's menu, it can automatically generate an online menu for your store. Customers can pay online or in store. This option can be turned on or off.

  • Fetail POS makes it simple for you to use QR codes, so you can focus more on advertising QR codes for new orders. Our QR code includes takeout and dine-in, and allows multiple guests to order at same the time on one bill, even if they are using different devices.

  • SMS all your subscribed members in less than a minute! You can announce your new dishes, promotions, events and more.

  • We built reward programs for you, simply turn them on and start! You can set your own gift rewards which members can redeem in store.

  • Manage different level of users - Fetail POS will create user reports for you.

  • Manage your team's live status with full detailed report from your phone.

  • Stay connected with the customer's order status. Our SMS will automatically notify a customer if their order is accepted or cancelled. Chefs can manually send SMS from Fetail when food is ready for pick-up, so customers don't need to wait around with uncertainty.

  • Each table's QR code lets multiple guests order on one check at the same time. When finished, a guest may pay from their own device.

  • Guests order online by link or QR code and pay from their device.

  • We understand delivery is important for most restaurants today. Our goal is to find the simple delivery solution fit in our POS, this feature is coming soon!

  • Eliminates all the headache from hard wiring - Fetail POS is all ran on wireless hardwares. We preprogrammed all our hardwares for you simply just plug it in and select the settings you'd like. Our wireless receipt/kitchen printer is as fast as a wired printer, and our wireless label sticker printer is ready to print on your command. Minimum hardware to start is an iPad with iOS13+, and our wireless hardware includes: a wireless receipt printer, wireless kitchen printer, wireless label sticker printer, router, bluetooth card reader, and finally an iPad with iOS 13+.

  • Access real-time data on your restaurant's performance from anywhere. Fetail POS app reports real-time on iPhone or iPad and report include all the details necessary to make better business decisions.

  • Designed for you to use on print courses. When it's ready for next course, simply press submit print to kitchen.

  • Fetail POS supports floor & section layouts, so you can always add more iPads to have new stations. Link up to 24 wireless printers, or contact us for different solutions if you need more than 10+ iPad stations and 24+ printers.

  • Fetail POS works on full service restaurants, Hotpot Stores, Boba Tea Shops, Coffee Shops, Bars and More.